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Our mission is to empower people around the world to access, interact with and unlock financial opportunities of the decentralized economy. We're providing the bridge for mass market consumers to the world of DeFi.

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We think, act and thrive by these core beliefs

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  2. Blockchain revolutionizes how value is owned and transacted digitally.
  3. The future of finance is decentralized and powered by software protocols.
  4. Non-custodial web3 wallets will be the new global financial super apps.

We are unstoppable

Portrait photo of CTO and Co-Founder Peter Grosskopf

Peter GrosskopfCTO / Co-Founder

Former MD / CTO of Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange; Co-Founder / CTO at Solarisbank; Chief Development Officer at HitFox Group and Finleap. Active member of Blockchain Community since 2016

Portrait photo of CEO and Co-Founder Maximilian von Wallenberg

Maximilian von WallenbergCEO / Co-Founder

Former CEO / MD Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange; Co-Founder at neo-brokerage UpTick; Crypto CPO at Quantumrock; Ex-Lehman Brothers; London School of Economics, Harvard Business School

Portrait photo of Director of Engineering and Co-Founder Omid Aladini

Omid AladiniDirector of Engineering / Co-Founder

Previously led the development of the matching engine and trading infrastructure at the Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange; Built Solarisbank's data platform; Founded the data engineering team at SoundCloud; MSc Computational Neuroscience / Machine Learning


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